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Don't Bother

Does not even work on simple light rail routes within Mpls from iOS Maps.

Doesn't work

Claims and appears to be downloading maps- but upon completion gives error "unable to download". When the app asked if I wanted to write a review I answered "yes" but it also claimed it can't connect to the app-store. At least it's consistent.

Doesn't work

It's really useless and none of the maps load

Not helpful

Couldn't get maps to download.

Not working

The application refuses to download the maps asking me to try later, two days later same results. No maps.

Don't work

Take $5.36 for nothing

Not working

Maps won't load

Have no fear metro transit is here!

Great app for planning multiple routes or finding the flaws in the transit funding of routes for your area!


Maps wouldn't load on iPhone 5, I tried a few other apps that worked just fine.


Does not work


As all the other reviewers have said, it's just a list of links to maps that don't load. :o(

Doesn't work

On very good connection, says maps wont download. Did hard reset several times, still won't download. I did every possible thing to make this app work, but it's inoperable. Defective program.

Deleting app

Maps won't download. I'm on fast wifi.


Always get a failure message......maps never load. I'm gonna delete it.


All it contains is links to sites that actually have maps. I can use google myself with a better interface.

Not at all useful

ONLY thing that might be helpful is the public transportation Info. It says the other aspects of the program are coming soon. WHEN? The close up of the downtown area is obscured by the big arrow telling you to look at the bottom of the page. Then nothing is here!!! I really would love a good Mpls map. This certainly isn't it.

Just a cutie looking for maps

None of the maps load. I have an iPhone 5, so maybe that's the problem?...


Painfully slow to move or zoom maps

Terribly slow

$2.99 is too much for an app that takes forever to load each map & to zoom in on one. A refund would be nice.

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